Disabilities Committee


The Disabilities Committee is charged with ensuring that all services, including those at the comprehensive Newark One-Stop Career Center, and external training sites, are accessible to persons with disabilities and that outreach efforts effectively reach this population.


Ensure that the Newark Workforce Development Board (NWDB) policies and program strategies provide employment outcomes for individuals with disabilities.

Mission Statement

To enable individuals with disabilities to have universal access and integrated services within the Essex County and Newark One Stop Career Centers.


favicon-03.png Optimize Newark and Essex County One Stop Career Center accessibility for individuals with disabilities

favicon-03.png Ensure that the services for individuals with disabilities are integrated into the One Stop system

favicon-03.png Identify training needs and resources for individuals with disabilities

favicon-03.png Provide sensitivity training to the community regarding the employment of individuals with disabilities

favicon-03.png Enhance linkages with community based programs

favicon-03.png Collaborate and provide recommendations to the NWDB and ECWDB regarding employment issues and concerns for individuals with disabilities

favicon-03.png Develop continuous educational opportunities for Newark One Stop Career Center staff regarding issues impacting the employment of individuals with disabilities

favicon-03.png Build outreach and partner with employers to create opportunities