Education & Literacy Committee


The Education and Literacy Committee seeks to plan for and implement effective methodologies to correct the past failures of K-12 public education system by providing remedial basic skills education to high school dropouts and individuals who possess a high school diploma but did not acquire the requisite basic skills.  The Committee is aware that an inordinate number of adults in our community lack fundamental English and math skills.  

Our goals include the development of an efficient client referral process, higher program integration (across funding streams), and a true second chance system for all individuals in need of these services.  The Education and Literacy Committee's vision is to improve the adult education system in creating a standardized assessment system to be used by all prospective participants in workforce readiness programs. This standardized assessment would be used by all One-Stop Partner agencies. The Committee agrees that it is vital for effective case-management and program evaluation. This comprehensive assessment system would be used across “to work” funding sources (i.e. TANF, Welfare-to-Work, DFD, WIA (adult), and WIA (older youth).  To implement an efficient service delivery system, adult education requires higher program integration, a streamlined referral process, effective case management, and the provision of services in the most cost-effective manner.  To enhance performance and effectiveness, the adult education delivery system demands a strong case management process; centralized record keeping with appropriate access; program accountability; uniform client assessment; program benchmarks used for continuous improvement; and to the extent possible, customer choice to achieve realistic goals within the ability to deliver appropriate services.

Mission Statement

To provide adult learners with the skills in reading, writing, math and basic computing, to support skill development and credential attainment while providing a continuum of instructional services for basic adult and ESL through transitioning to post-secondary education and work readiness.