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Hire. Buy. Live. Newark



Hire. Buy. Live. Newark is an unprecedented partnership between the city's business community, the City of Newark, higher education and medical institutions, clergy, philanthropies, and workforce development programs to reduce poverty and unemployment and strengthen the city's economy by the beginning of the next decade.


Newark is in the midst of revitalization, combining a historic surge in commercial and housing development, investment, and technology deployment with the greatest reduction in crime in a generation. Yet, despite a thriving and expanding business community, Newark has high rates of poverty and unemployment with one-in-three residents living below the poverty level. The City of Newark is launching a new initiative, Hire. Buy. Live. Newark, aimed at increasing economic opportunities for all residents.



Three Strategies


The partnership relies on three integrated interrelated strategies: Hire Newark which will connect 2020 of the city's unemployed to full-time living wage jobs by the year 2020 cutting in half the employment gap between Newark and New Jersey as a whole. Buy Newark which will support the growth of local businesses and match them to the purchasing needs of other Newark businesses large and small including the anchors, which are committed to increasing overall local procurement by 2020. And Live Newark which will attract more employees, faculty and students to live in the city and provide existing residents with additional rental and homeownership choices and incentives.



A National Model


Mayor Baraka's vision of combining these three initiatives will help to ensure that all of the city's residents, neighborhoods and businesses share in the benefits of Newark's economic resurgence. While other cities have implemented anchor strategies involving hiring, purchasing, residence, individually or combined, Hire. Buy. Live. Newark marks the first time that a broad coalition of public-private stakeholders, extending beyond the anchors alone, have been mobilized by a mayor to work collectively on all three initiatives.


Newark seeks to be a national model for urban economic development and corporate/civic responsibility as well as to break new ground in demonstrating that important solutions to economic inequality can come from the leadership of our cities.


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