How We Can Help

The Newark Workforce Development Board is the only organization of its kind in the city of Newark. Empowered by federal policy and connected to the community, the NWDB is able to connect businesses with the resources to build and grow a diverse and qualified workforce.

favicon-03.png On the job trainingassists businesses by connecting those seeking employment with businesses interested in having salaries subsidized. 

favicon-03.png Recovery4Jersey: helps businesses to rebuild by allowing you to hire the employees you need. This on-the-job training program will offset 50% of your new workers’ wages.

favicon-03.png Customized training: The NWDB has key partnerships with training providers, colleges, and universities throughout Newark. If you need a workforce with a particular skillset, we will connect you to the people that can design a training program tailor-made to your needs.

favicon-03.png Apprenticeships: A Registered apprenticeship is a proven solution for recruiting, training, and retaining world-class talent. It's an effective strategy to give your employees the specific skills and productivity levels to meet the emerging market demands of the 21st century.