Newark Workforce on Wheels (Wow) Vehicle

Deputy Mayor Rahaman Muhammad

Newark Mobile Workforce Center


The Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development, under the leadership of Deputy Mayor Rahaman Muhammad, is the umbrella for all employment and training programs and services provided by the City of Newark. The Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development (The Office) encompasses the following agencies:

• Newark Workforce Development Board

• Newark Works • Affirmative Action

• Port Activities

The role of the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development is to empower Newark residents by providing workforce development, training, and job preparation for both the unemployed and underemployed. The Office also works to ensure that the local workforce system meets the needs of employers in the Newark region. Based on local community needs, the Office defines a vision, mission, and goals, as part of a strategic plan that establishes the local workforce service delivery system to serve low-skilled adult and professional job seekers, as well as incumbent workers looking for a better job, and youth and re-entry citizens requiring assistance with education and training entering the workforce.

Program Description

The Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development will bring the employment, education and training services offered by the City of Newark to the Residents in their neighborhoods by way of the NewarkWOW (Workforce On Wheels) Mobile Unit. The NewarkWOW is a mobile unit that will house and transport 2-3 workforce professionals from the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development throughout the City of Newark to provide information and resources on various programs, employment opportunities and support services available to Newark Residents.

• Basic Skills Training & High School Equivalency

• Vocational & Occupational Training

• Work Readiness & Life Skills Training

• Job Placement Services

• Supportive Services and Resource Information

The NewarkWOW Mobile Unit will be equipped with laptop computers, WiFi, and other office supplies that will enable workers to:

• Provided Intake and Eligibility Assessment

• Provide Counseling

• Enroll in Programs

• Host Employment Fairs

• Make appropriate social service referrals

• Provide information on upcoming events & special initiatives

If you would like to REQUEST the NewarkWOW Mobile Unit complete this Form , scan or email it to our Program Support Specialist, Mrs. Kelli Bell-Taylor Email: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the W.OW. vehicle, please call Phone: (973)992-1990. We recommend that you submit a request for the unit at least two weeks before your event.

Calendar of Events for WOW Mobile Unit:Click Here

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