One-Stop Committee

The One-Stop Committee is charged with oversight of the One-Stop System including monitoring performance and program enrollments, ensuring ECWDB and NWDB Plans are being carried out as they relate to One-Stop System services, and mediating disagreements among the Partners. Because of its oversight role, this Committee must also be comprised of Board members who do not represent providers of One-Stop services such as private sector and labor organization members.

The One-Stop Committee has many areas of responsibilities. It explores additional funding sources to address the strategic initiatives and action plans adopted by the full Board and addresses One-Stop partners and staff to obtain them. The Committee oversees the process of developing Memorandums of Understanding (MOU's) with the required One-Stop partners, reviewing the range of resources that are available for the One-Stop Centers.  This committee will be the source of regular information about the local One-Stop System and its operation for the full Board and the other committees.  The Committee will address system-wide operational issues in the One-Stop Career Center.